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    Phoenix Biology

    Explore, Engage, Enrich


    Two-Time UChicago William J. Michel RSO of the Year

    Best Collaboration Award (2018-2019)


  • Who we are: Phoenix Biology

    Phoenix Biology is a University of Chicago Registered Student Organization officially sponsored by the Biological Sciences Collegiate Division. We are the University of Chicago's premier undergraduate organization for the biological sciences. Our mission is to help students:

    • Explore the incredible range of the biological sciences and give undergraduates a larger perspective on the fascinating science and industry shaping the future

    • Engage with other students and faculty to foster a dynamic community of peers and colleagues in the biological sciences through meaningful and lasting interactions

    • Enrich themselves academically and professionally so that they may discover and successfully pursue their career and life aspirations

  • What We Do

    Phoenix Biology offers a wide variety of events and programs that contribute to the University of Chicago's life of the mind and a sense of community among faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates in the sciences.

    Phoenix Lecture Series

    The University of Chicago's "life of the mind" emphasizes the pursuit of cutting edge ideas and creativity in both the humanities and the sciences.


    The Phoenix Lecture series seeks to introduce the nation's leading scientific minds and ideas in the biological sciences to undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Chicago.

    Research Symposium

    First held in October 2014, the event was the first to celebrate undergraduate research from all science departments at the University of Chicago. Over 250 people were in attendance.


    The 2015 Symposium took place at the new, state of the art Eckhardt Research Center in October. Internationally renowned breast cancer researcher Dr. Funmi Olopade gave the keynote address and over 60 students presented.


    The 2016 Symposium was held in the Gordon Center for Integrative Sciencecs at the University of Chicago, drawing over 60 presenters and 300 attendees.

    Fireside Chats

    Undergraduates benefit greatly when they have an opportunity to closely interact with senior faculty members, even, and especially, outside the boundaries of the classroom.


    Fireside Chats present an opportunity for undergraduates to interact with their professors in an informal setting and to get to know them on a more personal level.

    Mentorship Program

    There are plenty of opportunities to be found in the biological sciences, if one knows where to look for them.


    The Phoenix Mentorship Program seeks to promote the academic and professional careers of students in the life sciences by pairing them with  supportive upperclassmen, faculty, and alumni mentors who have walked a wide variety of career paths and had a host of different academic experiences.

    Career Exploration

    You've memorized the structures of all the amino acids...now what?


    Through career exposure and networking events, Phoenix Biology offers you the chance to explore careers beyond the ever popular fields of medicine and research. Do what you want to do with your life, and discover that journey through Phoenix Biology.

    Expanding Horizons

    The classroom doesn't teach you everything there is about biology. Phoenix Biology seeks to constantly expand undergraduates' understanding of the enormous scale of biology through diverse programming.


    Examples include: career exposure events, field trips, documentary screenings, journal clubs, mixers, and more.

  • A Big Thank You to Everyone Who Made

    The 5th Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium

    Such a Success!

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    This scholarly poster presentation and lecture took place on Friday, October 12th, 2018 and highlighted the research endeavors of over 60 University of Chicago undergraduates. This is a collaboration between UCISTEM and Phoenix Biology.

  • Spring Quarter 2019 Schedule

    • 2nd Week: Fireside Chat with Dr. Strieleman, Biochemistry Senior Lecturer
    • 3rd Week: Navigating the Biology Major
    • 4th Week: Master's Night at the Movies - Fixed  (Co-Hosted with the BSCD)
    • 5th Week: Mini Master Class: The Science of Neurogenesis (Co-Hosted with the CCT)
    • 6th Week: Experimental Design and the Scientific Method: A Panel
    • 7th Week: The Ethics, Legality, and Future Implications of CRISPR
    • 8th Week: Sciencepalooza! (Week-long, schedule below)
    • 9th Week: Fetal Pig Dissection

  • Fall Quarter 2019 Schedule

    • 2nd Week: Board Meet & Greet!
    • 3rd Week: Mentorship Pairings and Introductions
    • 4th Week: Fireside Chat with Dr. Navneet Bhasin
    • 5th Week: Post-Midterm Study Break!
    • 6th Week: Day at the Field Museum with Dr. Andrews & Dr. Coates
    • 7th Week: Climate Change and the Law, Biology, and Chemistry Behind It
    • 8th Week: Master's Night at the Movies - Inside Out

  • Biological Sciences Collegiate Division T-Shirts

    In collaboration with the Biological Sciences Collegiate Division, we are proud to announce the new logo and T-Shirt for the BSCD, as shown below.

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  • Phoenix Biology Research Database

    Looking for research opportunities in the biological sciences/medicine? Check out Phoenix Biology's Research Opportunity Database! We have compiled a list of 70+ professors/researchers who are willing to take on undergraduates. Our database has field of study, positions available, and contact info for each principal investigator. We plan on updating this list annually with new PIs and labs. Check it out HERE!

  • Get Updates

    Stay up to date on our latest events!

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