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Spring Quarter 2017

  • 2nd week: New Board Member Announcements
  • 2nd week: RSO Prospie Fair
  • 3rd week: Sciencepalooza 2017! (Whole Week)
  • 4th week: Biology Lab Night 
  • 4th week: RSO Prospie Fair
  • 4th week: Mentorship Event in BSLC 109
  • 5th week: Sciencepalooza Fair on the Quad-(4/28) at 11 AM- 2:00 PM in the Main Quad
  • 6th week: Fireside Chat with Dr. Marvin Makinen, MD-PhD - (5/3) at 5:00 pm in South Lounge of Reynolds Club
  • 7th week: Course Selection Panel
  • 8th week: Mentorship Event
  • 9th week: Master's Night with the BSCD: Jurassic World.
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