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Spring Quarter 2016

  • 2nd week: New Board Member Recruitment.
  • 3rd week: Board Member Recruitment Finalized.
  • 4th week: Fireside Chat with Dr. Dmitri Kondrashov on Tuesday, April 17th, at 5pm in Reynolds Club McCormick Lounge.
  • 5th week: SciencePalooza! A full week of science activities for students of all majors. A separate schedule will be posted!
  • 7th week: Biology Course Selection Panel with Departmental Advisors Dr. Chris Andrews and Dr. Megan McNulty! Thursday, May 12th, at 6pm in the BSLC.
  • 9th week: Last Lecture with Dr. Mark Osadjan! A final Fireside Chat for our well-loved Physiology Lecturer before he moves away from the UChicago campus. Wednesday, May 25th, at 6pm in Reynolds Club South Lounge.
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